New Technology Micro Hydro Turbine

Space Monkeys Design House have designed and developed the prototype of a unique high efficiency hydro turbine.

This potentially significant disruptive technology within the renewable generation market has the potential to take output to a much higher level thereby leveraging opportunities within energy generation.
It can be newly installed or be a replacement for an existing Pelton or Turgo.
Work undertaken to date

Dr Manosh Paul of Glasgow University examined the turbine to validate its efficacy. CFD (Computational fluid dynamics) calculations comparing it with a Pelton shows the small micro turbines capability of generating a minimum of 2.5 rising to 7 times more energy than the Pelton.

This micro hydro turbine is 93 % efficient before losses. This turbine is very compact and can be used not only singularly but also in a modular formation.

Space Monkeys Design House are moving from the initial prototype demonstrator to a more robust Beta prototype that will establishing the efficacy of the turbine work via on-site testing facilities.

Investment Opportunity
This is a unique opportunity to invest in a radical new technology with global applications. This product is anticipated to create greater of such a magnitude that once validated it will be a market changer.

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