Space Monkeys Design House Ltd anticipates boosting carbon free energy by up to 7 times.

Glasgow, Scotland, 20th February, 2014. Space Monkeys Design House Ltd - announced today the opportunity to invest in the growth of a new design micro hydro turbine.

Assessment by TUV NEL and followed by CFD calculations from Glasgow University clearly shows that this turbine has the potential to create up to 7 times more energy than conventional Pelton and Turgo turbines. The turbine can be implemented in Run-of-River schemes plus effectively compete with larger turbines when assembled in modular formation. It will be manufactured using materials approved by environmental agencies. Minimised engineering time effectively lowers manufacturing and transport costs.

Director, Luise Moffatt, said that forward looking individuals who want exponential returns from green energy using the vast hydro supplies that the world has "will benefit greatly by involvement in this technology".

Dr Manosh Paul, Glasgow University said after completing the CFD calculations "The overall efficiency figures justify progressive commitment to forward this turbine"

Space Monkeys Design House Ltd has been fully involved in R&D working on innovative technology including fuel free off grid standalone and traction power with incredibly low carbon emissions.

Professors and doctors from Glasgow, Strathclyde, Aberdeen and Dundee Universities have all agreed that their projects are innovative with great potential to be market leaders and world changers.

First Step Award from Glasgow University and backing from SETN have allowed progress to continue on their mission to bring new energy technology to the forefront, not just in Scotland but worldwide.

They are open for enquiries regarding their Hydro Turbine, Standalone and Traction power systems to ensure that the multi-faceted technology advances to production and reaches all relevant markets.

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